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Studio Famood, Inc

We can wave a magic wand, so to speak, and transform your company party into Chicago of the 1930's, or maybe a fancy - dress ball a la Louis XIV. A huge number of props and accessories are already prepared for your "remake", so that you' ll look truly authentic. Our costume rentals will find a solution for all sizes, occasions and ideas. We have extensive experience in organizing thematic celebrations. Do you want to throw a party in 1930' style?


  • Costume rental

  • Tailoring and couture services

  • Mascots and props make

  • Original hand made gifts

€10.00 excl.VAT
Studio Famood, Inc
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General info

Services  Price in CZK, incl. VAT
Costume rental - complete costumes with accessories
Tailoring - all tailoring and couture service Price is set-up after specification
Props make Price is set-up after specification
Original gifts Price is set-up after specification
Companies Vodafone, JTI Internation
Promotion / Ad agenicies CCL, Team Red, Hypnosis, Concept One, Xtreme Hostess Service
Theatres State Opera Prague, Musical Theatre Karlin, Kalich Theatre, Metropolitan theatre Brno
Standard payment & delivery conditions  
Payment conditions
Delivery conditions Shipping via PPL service - not included in the price


Contact address Dělnická 1272/53 Prague 9, Czech Republic
Phone +420 224 930 659
Web pages Studio Famood, Inc
Communication languages English, Czech

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