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Organisation of corporate events we do since 1996 and we still enjoy it! Over the past 15 years we have prepared many different kind of events, corporate meetings, celebrations, conferences, team building events, themed evenings and other social events. We offer years of experience in organizing events in Prague and Czech Republic, creativity and reliability, individual approach and quick respond.

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or-fea: programme centre
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General info

The company
Headquarter Prague
Operating in other cities Czech Republic
Number of employees 6
Events per year 300
Biggest event 
Type of services 
Group activities
City rally treasure hunt, Beer rally, Spy scavenger hunt, Trabant city rally, Skoda countryside rally, Dragon boats, Movie makers teambuilding
Music entertainment  
Classic music service, Swing & Jazz music, Folklore music, Opera singers, DJ service, Dance performances
Artists & Actors  
Master of ceremony, Costumes renting, Medieval show, Fire show, Theme events, Full entertainment service
Special decoration service, Baloon flights


Group activities
Photo Activity Price from (in CZK, incl. VAT)
Orfea James Bond James Bond Mission  
 We offer extraordinary scavenger spy game in Prague city streets. The spy hunt starts in the morning or after the lunch. Commander of Prague department of MI6 / CIA appears with the introduction speech together with local agents. Than we divide whole group into small spy units. Every team gets spy box with digital camera, UV lights, GPS navigator, binocular and own local English speaking agent. During the mission team meet with assassins wearing the red ties to make their mission impossible!! Team should locate hidden envelopes, blind maps, have to translate secret words, find out computer expert or even deactivate the bomb. The route of the spy hunt is trough the city centre of Prague – Lesser Town, around Charles Bridge and old Town Square.
Tour of Prague Orfea Tour of Prague  
We offer an interactive tour of Prague city centre. After short briefing we divide guests into the small teams. Each team receives map of Prague, game quiz (questions of Prague and Czech history) and digital camera. On the route they meet various figures from the past. Those figures introduce and tell them their story, in the end of each speech ask for more questions. We W.A.Mozart, A. Dvorak, Rabbi Löw, Charles IV, soldier Svejk, Franz Kafka and many others. Beside the game quiz, team compete in several games such as chopping the apples with executioner, painting picture with Alfons Mucha, mixing elixirs with alchemist or even sing a song with famous Czech singer Emma Destin (her picture is on banknote 2000). At the end we download all photos and burn a CD.
 Beer hunt Orfea Beer hunt  
For beer lovers we offer interactive tour in Prague with visit of famous Prague’s pubs and breweries. In the begging of the game we do short briefing and we divide guests into small teams. Each team receives game page with instructions, map of Prague and digital camera. The aim of the game is to visit several pubs and answer on questions in the game quiz and for sure taste some beers. During the game teams meet with historical figures with bonus tasks. As evidence teams should make funny photos at every pub. At the end of the game prizing, we download all photos and burn a CD.
Trabant rally Orfea
Trabant rally
We offer funny race in the Prague city street with old-fashion “Communists” cars originally from East Germany, with famous “Trabant”. Start of the rally is usually from the hotel, after the short briefing we divide guests into small teams by three members. Every team gets map of Prague, road book, digital camera, a trabant car history booklet and finally Trabant car with driver. The aim of the rally is find three checkpoints in Prague, clients help with navigation – on the checkpoints we do funny games such as sing a song, make an action photo with trabant etc. On the last checkpoint is time for driving lesson with our trabants, members might try to drive the cars on their own. Afterwards we offer more games such as loading the carriage, blind slalom, push the car without engine and many others. There can be only one best Trabant team! The best team gets prizes – little models of trabant cars. At the end of the game we go back to the hotel.  
Bike Tour Orfea Bike Tour  
Meeting at the hotel, we do short briefing with bike instructors. Every member gets bike, helmet, gloves and raincoat. We offer two hours trip in nature around the Prague. In case the hotel is not suitable for bike trail we arrange transport with bus on the final spot (bikes wait here). During the rally we offer refreshment and several funny games.
Movie makers Prague Orfea
Movie makers  
In the begging of moviemaker’s event we do short briefing, our speaker introduces movie game and technical rules. Than we divide all participants into small movie crew. Participants pick up their professions – director, screenwriter, actor and actress, cameraman, lighting technical, clapboard girl, musician etc. The aim is to shoot at least 120 second of commercial spot on company products. Each team might use wide costumes wardrobe, wigs collection, MP3 library and movie catering. Now is time for real filming in the city streets and for great fun. Every team gets map of Prague with famous locations (spots where Hollywood movies were filmed). During the event our cameraman does movie about the movie and later on is time for Academy Award Ceremony. There is projection of all movies on large screen. Academy gives out the prizes for the best man actor, the best woman actor, the best film etc. After the event we edit all clips and deliver for every member as DVD gifts.
Many other attractive programmes can be found in the complete offer to download below.
Complete offer with quotation samples (pdf file to download)
Music entertainment
Photo Music style Price from (in CZK, incl. VAT)
Orfea String Quartet String trio, quartet  
Chamber music with classic set, beside the world most know pieces (Boccherini, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Smetana, Dvořák, Čajkovskij) includes their repertoire even transcription of the famous music pieces from different genre (Strauss, Offenbach, Lehár, Löewe, Gerschwin, Beatles, Joplin)...
Orfea Modern music Dance music

Jazz music band, Swing, Diexieland and Ragtime music, French chansons, Pop music, Rock n Roll Band, Revival music bands, Elvis show, Classical music on electric instruments, Dj, Karaoke, Beat Box show
Orfea Folklore music Folklore music

The main repertoire of those music bands contains variation of the folklore songs from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, brass evergreens, Christmas carols, songs from Austria-Hungary monarchy, military songs from first WW and traditional pubs songs.
Complete offer with quotation samples (pdf file to download)           
Artists & Actors  
Photo Name
Price from (in CZK, incl. VAT)
master of ceremony Orfea
Master of Ceremony

If the programme takes place on a castle or a chateau, we recommend a Master of Ceremonies, who welcomes the guests and guides them all over the programme. Costume according to scene.

Constumes rental Orfea Costumes renting

We offer you renting of our costume rental for you parties and celebrations. We offer Fairy tail creatures, comic heroes, sci-fi costumes. Especially large selections of historical costumes form the middle age up to the 20ties of the 20th century. Beside the costumes we offer you accessories, props, huts and wigs.  

Medieval Show Orfea Medieval Show

We might arrange medieval theme not only at the authentic locations, but event somewhere else. We use decorative stone walls, backdrops, imitation of medieval buildings and other props and other scenes evoke a medieval time.


Fire Show Orfea Fire Show 

Fire show can be a very spectacular enrichment of your evening programme. The lights will please your eyes, the sound of accompanying drums will make your heart beat in their rhytm.  


Theme party communism orfea Theme events 

Shift your gusest in time and place. Give your party a special touch and let your guests enjoy the atmosphere of medieval age, 60-ties, James Bond movies, communist times, or future... we can arrange many interesting and entertaining scenes for your event.


Complete offer with quotation samples (pdf file to download) 
Other services
Service Basic description
Price from (in CZK, incl. VAT)
Costumes rental Costumes rental
We offer you renting of our costume rental for you parties and celebrations. We offer Fairy tail creatures, comic heroes, sci-fi costumes. Especially large selections of historical costumes form the middle age up to the 20ties of the 20th century. Beside the costumes we offer you accessories, props, huts and wigs.
Attractions and games rental Attractions rental  

Simulators and side shows: Electronic rodeo, Sumo fight in rubber suits, F1 simulator, Powermeter, mini bikes, Spider wall, Infatable box, Laser shooting range, Playstation, Nintendo Wii

Sport games and side shows: Race track for car models, Offroad track for RC models, Russian pins, Skateboard- U ramp, Bedminton, Crocket, In-line skates, Pétanque, Long skis for 4 persons, Long scooter for 4 persons, Mini pétanque for indoors, Brain teasers, Bocca, painting the picture, Graffity, Driving the nails, Electronic pigs race, Indoor minigolf,

Decoration services Prague Decoration services

For hotel management and catering companies we offer a wide variation of theme decoration on the buffet and banquet tables as well as large decorations suitable for large venues. 


Special transportation services Prague Vintage Bus Special transportation

Road: Film cars and vintage cars, Buggy, Double decker bus bar, Ferrari, Vintage bus, Vintage coaches, Historical locomotives, Historical tram, Hummer, Luxury train, Military vehicles, Go-carts, Velorex, Offroad, Steam roller, Skoda, Trabants, US Truck roadshow

Water: Dragon boats, Sailboats, Windsurfs, Powerboats, Treddle

Air: Helicopter, Historical aircrafts, Acrobatic show, Airplane flight

Baloon flights Prague Baloon flights

Balloon trips offer besides a unique air experience new views of Czech castles and chateau. Departure on agreement, duration of the flight approx. 90 minutes, possibility of transportation up to 5 persons. Possibility of a fixed balloon with repeated start to the height of 10 m.




Group policy

Standard Procedures  
Assigned project manager
Site inspection 
Standard conditions Regarding to request
Payment & Cancellation conditions
Standard payment conditions
Quotation & payment in EUR possible
Credit cards accepted
Standard cancellation conditions
Special conditions Regarding to request


Contact address Tešnov 9, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Phone +420 603 479 761
Fax -
Web pages or-fea programme centre
Communication languages English, German, French, Czech

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