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Channel Crossings, s.r.o.

Channel Crossings is a leading language agency and has been in the Czech market since 1993. Our aim is to provide a wide range of effective language services so that we can satisfy the individual needs of both domestic and foreign clients whether they be private companies, state organisations or the general public. Thanks to our extensive experience, and the scope of our services, we as a language agency provide comprehensive language services from teaching foreign languages to the general public, to interpreting for corporate clients. We can therefore offer our clients a complete range of language services according to their specific requirements.

  • Translation services 

  • Interpretation services

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Channel Crossings, s.r.o.
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General info

Executive Director, invites you  
Dear Friends and Business Partners,
Our first and utmost goal here in Channel Crossings is to satisfy wishes and needs of our customers, be it an individual interpreting at a business meeting or providing a team of interpreters in multiple language combinations at an international conference. As a renowned language agency we provide our partners a wide spectrum of services including technical, personnel and organizational securing of the event. Do not hesitate to address our experienced team and discover the qualities of interpreting and translation services of Channel Crossings.
Vítězslav Bican, Executive Director
The Company
Headquarters Prague
Founded 1993
Offices in other cities / countries
Operation in other cities / countries Europe
Preferred supplier / exclusivity at the following venues

Associations memberships American Chamber of Commerce | ACERT | AJŠA | Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic | People Management Forum
Certifications ISO 9001:2008 | ČSN EN 15038:2006
Reservation system Yes
Number of employees and collaborators
Our specials
The quality of services confirmed by the company's membership in various professional organisations and its internationally recognised quality certifications; bonuses and benefits for long-term customers, loyalty programme; since 2009 the company belongs among contracted translation agencies of the European Commission.

Type of services
Translation services
Interpreting services Yes 
Conference services Yes 
Additional services  
Back translation Yes 
Specialist proofreading services Yes 
Language and preprint proofreading of texts and graphic and text processing Yes 
Covered areas
Consecutive interpreting Yes
Simultaneous interpreting Yes
Sworn interpreting Yes
Interpreting in the Czech Republic and abroad Yes
Providing interpreting and presentation equipment Yes
Organisation of conferences and seminars
Professional hostesses and guides Yes
Specialist consultations Yes
Interpreting at the conference of the European Program of Education and Professional Preparation 2020
EATA Conference Meeting of specialists from the area of transaction analysis and psychiatry - complete interpreting services including interpreting equipment
Festive introduction of a new Opel model Interpreting in 25 language combinations
Forum 2000 Conference
Translation services for the European Commission
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Basic rates 
Complete price list to download
Translations in more than 70 language combinations Specific calculation according to the request
Text proofreading / Pre-print proofreading Specific calculation according to the request
Translation revision and certification Specific calculation according to the request
Special graphic works Specific calculation according to the request
Consecutive interpreting Specific calculation according to the request
Simultaneous interpreting Specific calculation according to the request
Court interpreting
Specific calculation according to the request
Interpreting between foreign languages Specific calculation according to the request
Interpreting equipment Specific calculation according to the request

Group policy

Standard procedures
Price list policy
Payment & cancellation conditions
Cancellation policy for translation services
Payment and cancellation policy for interpreting services


Contact address  Lazarska 8 / 13E, Prague 
Phone +420 210 215 310
Web pages Channel Crossings
Communication languages Czech, Slovak, English, German, French

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