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Planning a corporate event? Are you looking for accommodation, suitable restaurants, the perfect venue for your meeting, special incentive program, friendly guide or reliable transport? We can offer you all the above at one site. is the first on-line platform for professional group travel organizer where you can find a variety of proven suppliers selected by local destination management professionals and incentive programs that work. At will find all detailed information you need to organize your event, without any intermediary party. offers two main tools, Suppliers Guide & B2B - Special Offers.



All suppliers to cover your event:

The Suppliers Guide presents a full range of proven suppliers divided into 11 categories. It covers all your event needs and allows you the possibility to plan your incentive or meeting program directly. Accommodation, restaurants, guides and hostesses, transportation, conference services, gala and special venues, technical support, catering, pre-designed incentive programs and more can be found here.


Thanks to pre-designed filters based on event planners requirements, you can narrow the selection of suppliers to those which best fit your event. Size, style, budget, languages etc. – this crucial information will help identify the best suited suppliers.

Well arranged & Detailed information:

Each suppliers' presentation is divided into well-arranged sections based on its purpose and importance. You will therefore find separate fields for general information regarding a property/service, group related prices, group policy etc.

Extended Info:

Most of the information is available for free. Information you would usually only receive from a DMC eg. professional advice, recommendations, opinions, prices, etc. is available as “Extended Info”. This can be purchased for a small fee after registration, by clicking on the green “Buy Extended Info”. Once the fee is paid, all information regarding the chosen supplier will be made available to you. The price for “Extended Info”, shown in the upper part of the presentation is for the comprehensive package of information for the given supplier.

Saving information:

All “Extended Info” you buy during your search is saved to your account. From here you can print it, come back to it later or share with your colleagues. You will be able to create a complete and uniformed database, which is accessible from anywhere you go. Like this creating a proposal or search for information about a supplier is much easier for you! 

Full presentation printing:

Even in this computer era, printed versions are still very useful, especially if you want to have the information literally in your hand. Many event planners prefer to work with printed versions.  Even though we encourage our clients to consider the environment before printing, you are still able to print out the complete (incl. „Extended Info“, if purchased) supplier presentation by clicking on the “Printable version” icon in the right upper corner of a site.

Contacting suppliers directly:

Contact information of suppliers listed is available to you. By clicking on the blue button “Send request” above the photo gallery you can fill your requirements or upload your request and send it. This message goes directly to the e-mail box of the competent person on the supplier’s side. By return, you will receive a confirmation e-mail by with subject “Confirmation of sending request via”, where you will see the recipients e-mail to which your message was sent. Again, your request goes directly to the supplier, without any interference. The supplier responds directly to the e-mail address that you provided in the Request form.

Contacting numerous suppliers at same time:

Save time by contacting numerous suppliers. If you are interested in several suppliers in one category and want to avoid sending an identical message more the once, you can select those you want to approach by clicking on the green “Select” buttons in the suppliers listing. Then click on “Request Selected” button, fill in your requirements or upload your request and send it out. This message goes directly to the e-mail box of the relevant person on the supplier’s end. By return, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with subject “Confirmation of sending request via”, where you will see recipients e-mail to which your message was sent. Again, your request goes directly to the supplier, without any DestinationPro interference. The supplier responds directly to the e-mail address that you provided in the request form.


By clicking on “Show on the map” button, you can easily locate all selected properties on the map. Thus, you can work better on your logistics when preparing an event.

Pre-designed programs & tours:

The Suppliers Guide has a special section with Pre-designed programs & tours. These are detailed solutions, guidelines and ideas for the size, budget and goals of your event - whether an incentive program or management conferences. You can filter the programs based on the duration of your event, size of the group or given budget. Itemized Quotations based on usual net buying prices is an integral part of each Pre-designed program and will give you a better idea about your total costs.

DestinationPro Personalized services: is created by DMC professionals who are ready to help at any stage of your event planning. Locals in each destination can assist you in choosing the right venue or supplier and help you to orchestrate your event. See detailed description of services provided on Professional Site under “LOCAL DMC SERVICES”.


The registration process is very simple and required only for information or other features purchase. If you want to register, click here.  

DestinationPro CREDITS:

Using Credits will make your purchase process at much easier and faster! You can buy credits in bulk and spend them whenever you want to download Extended Info at Suppliers Guide, download an incentive program or activate a B2B Membership. 1 Credit is equal to 1 EUR.
You can share all information bought by credits from Suppliers Guide with your colleagues. You can add up to 9 colleagues to share your Paid Credit Account. See more info at "How to buy" section. 

Advantages of using Credits - in brief:

  • purchase process is easier and faster
  • all information bought by credits can be viewed immediately
  • all information bought by credits can be shared with other team members, who are attached to your account. Whereas items bought by other ways of payment such as bank transfer or one time credit card payment can be viewed only by the person, who has bought the item.



The B2B - Special Offers is our tool for business to business solutions, useful for both buyers and suppliers.

All deals offered in the Special Offers section are group related. You can find last minute deals & special promotions posted by listed suppliers valid throughout the year. This can help you:

    •  find the right destination for your event
    •  save costs
    •  enhance your event with an extra value (free welcome drink, etc.)



To make your search easier, promotions in Special Offers section are divided into 4 basic categories. 3 categories with group related services and 1 for individuals. 5 offers in each category can be viewed on the main page, by clicking on “more items”, the full list of offers valid for the period or destination will appear. By clicking on the respective promotion you can read all the relevant details.

Last minute deals:

Last minute deals is a special category of Special  Offers. This category is open to public (no registration is required) however, you will be able to view promotions valid for upcoming 4 weeks only. 

Registration and membership:

The Special Offers section is open only to registered members (beside Last Minute Deals). Buying a membership by clicking on the banner on the left side of the Special Offers landing page is very easy and will pay off in the future. The duration of the membership as well as its price varies as you may be only planning a one-time event or you could be a professional event planner who would use this section long term to source the best available deals for your clients.

Contacting supplier:

By clicking on "Send request", you will send the message directly to the mailbox of the competent person stated in the offer. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your mailbox by return, where you will see recipients e-mail address, so that you can contact him directly in case of further need. The respond to your request/message will arrive directly to your mailbox.

We do not intervene into your communication with suppliers.

About supplier:

If you are interested in a particular promotion and you need to know more about the suppliers services, click on "About supplier" and see their detailed and structured presentation.

Filter on the left side:

You can either select a destination of your choice or view all destination promotions at the same time. If you already know the period of your event, search for offers valid for particular days by entering it to the filter. You can also use a full text search.

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