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  • All services for events at one site
  • Direct RFPs to suppliers
  • Price transparency
  • Support of local event professionals has been created by a group of professionals with backgrounds in Destination Management Companies, Hotels and Intermediary Agencies.

It is a group travel solution and planning platform specifically designed to serve the growing needs of event and meeting planners that are seeking efficiency in sourcing suppliers and transparency in costs. The system allows users to send out requests directly to listed suppliers. Price transparency in term of group related prices clear of any commission directly helps saving costs on travel & event budgets.

The competitive advantage of is the level of details provided about suppliers’ services and destinations: local advice, recommendations, all group related net prices, venue hires and much more.

Moreover, is not anonymous. DMC services are accessible through the site and can be used either partially or entirely. The concept is that local professionals in each destination are ready to provide support if required at each stage of your event planning.  This business model is based on a visible “handling fee” (not a commission), to reinforce the transparent nature of the model.


Let us dismiss some of your initial doubts ...


Your concernOur solution
I do not like using portals because they are too anonymous. is created and operated by DMC (Destination Management Company) professionals from all locations listed. We have been working in the MICE Industry for more than 15 years; we know the location, we know the suppliers. We are always here and ready to help or give advice whenever you need.
I would like to save costs but I am afraid to skip DMC. I am afraid I will not be able to run the event without  local know-how and support. All information available on is based on DMC experiences. We have decided to give you all our know-how which we have gathered throughout our professional careers. Our opinions, advice and recommendations are now available to you - online. We can support you in person at any stage of your event planning (see more info at Personalised Services).
I prefer a more traditional approach (face to face) rather than on-line applications. You have probably met us in person at trade shows or when organising an event through a DMC. You can see personal profiles of all professionals in each destination, their experience and business achievements. (See section Who we are)
I prefer that my DMC chooses proven suppliers for me. I am hesitant to choose myself from the web. All suppliers listed on are pre-selected by local DMC professionals who have been working with them and to whom they have proven the expected standards of services.
I have never heard of
New tools, new ideas are born every day. It is a natural evolution and we are committed to new trends. We will endeavour to build into a renown professional network for event planners. Your feedback is always welcome and we will continually improve all the features and functionality of the website, so we can make it a helpful tool for your events.
I do not want to pay for information that is  widely available.
Most of the information provided on is available to you for free. Even though you could find this information through a web search, our suppliers' presentations are well structured and detailed. The information that goes beyond the usual, and is not generally available elsewhere eg. group related net prices, professional opinions, recommendations, local know-how, etc., can be found under the "Extended Info", for a small fee. For this minimal price you will save a lot of time and receive excellent value for money. Once the fee is paid all details with “Extended Info” will be opened to you on line and stored to your account. Like this you create an on-line database which is accessible from anywhere at any time! From here you can print it, come back to it later or share with your colleagues.
I do not know the destination and I do not feel like building a program on my own. I prefer someone to do it for me. We offer a variety of Pre-Designed programs. These programs offer detailed solutions, guidelines and ideas for the size, budget and goals of your event. Moreover, an itemized quotation based on usual net buying prices will give you a good idea for the actual cost of your event.

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